In the decades after the Magic Invasion, mages fought to be recognized as full citizenry. It wasn’t until 1986 that mages had gathered enough political sway to put legislation into play in several nations throughout the world. All of these failed except for Sweden.

Four year later, the movement gained considerable backing with their “Because of Us” campaign, which targeted the minority and gay communities. The movement claimed mages caused the Bigot Majority to focus their fears and prejudice on one group, leaving the Civil Rights and Gay movements to make large strides toward their respective goals. “To every martyr their reward,” spoke one piece of graffiti that became iconic of the movement.

The United States passed the Mage Employment Act in 1991. The bill protected mages against employment discrimination as well as providing mandatory spell breaks. The battle continued as politicians tried to repeal the law several time in the early 90s. In 1996, the law was converted into an Amendment of the Constitution, thereafter few politicians would touch the issue.

By 2001, 75% of progressive 1st and 2nd-world countries had similar laws protecting mages right to work. The process has been relatively smoother than early gains made by the Civil Rights and Gay movements prior to the Magic Invasion. Mainly due to the fact even a low-level mage can be a fearsome opponent.