The Mage Council is a political body founded during the Roman Era shortly after the Empire began their persecution of Christians. Their main purpose then and now is to protect mages from the world and from themselves.

On the whole, the Council is viewed favorably by the mage populace. Although their decisions are not without controversy, for instance, their ruling regarding vampires lead to a destructive war in 1850. Since the 1800s, the Serious School has dominated the Council having no less than 3 members of each level since the end of the War of Blood.

The Council has 33 members, known as Counselors: 11 Superior mages, 11 Master mages, and 11 Instructor mages. Each Counselor has an assistant and two bodyguards collectively known as the Counselor’s Wing. Presiding over the Council are 2 elected mages from each degree, with a seventh elected mage acting as a swing vote. The elections occur once ever five years.