Magic predates language in the History of Man, but there’s little information of it’s evolution into the current state of magical schools. There’s a vital missing link before pre-historic magic and modern magic. Pre-historic magic, commonly referred to as the School of Ananta, had the ability for mages to spell cast on themselves. All other schools of magic can’t be applied to the caster.

Magic was responsible for the Dark Ages, following a civil war of which little information exists other than the fact of it. The Italian Renaissance began in earnest to replace the need for magic with science and machinery. By the 1800s, magic was considered a dying artform. The War of Blood in 1850 between mages and vampires lead to the creation of New London in a manufactured dimension, where the majority of mages traveled. Within half a century, magic has been replaced with feats from the Industrial Age.

Mages didn’t reappear until the early 60s. New London was over-crowded and lesser mages needed work. These mages blended in for many years until an expose in the New York Times alerted the world to “The Magic Invasion.” Hysteria over this “invasion” allowed other movements to gain tremendous traction in the following decades, namely the Gay and Civil Rights Movements. In the early 1990s, the USA passed the Mage Employment Act which added magical abilities to the list of items employers couldn’t use to disqualify potential employees.