History of Magic
Magic emerged long before language and was a part of regular life until 1854.

People who are born with the ability to interfere with reality.

Mage Council
33 mages that decide what’s right and wrong in the world of magic.

Schools of Magic
There are nine schools of magic: Primal, Holy, Curs’t, Spirit, Psychic, Serious, Incantare, Alchemy, and Ananta.

Regular people who drink mage blood for its magical properties. Hunted to extinction.

The War of Blood
The war between mages and vampires; began in 1850.

New London
A duplicate version of 1850s London held in a magical dimension, created at the end of the War of Blood in 1854.

The Magic Invasion
The influx of mages from New London in the 1960s due to over-crowding and lack of jobs.

Mage Employment Act
A early 1990s bill passed in the USA granting mages protection against employment discrimination.

The Real World
Everything that exists outside of New London.