“Landrys are king makers. We rule by creating power, not taking it. When you know the difference, daughter, you will be a king maker.”

Cynthia grew up in luxury and privilege. Her family was one of the richest families in America, and one of the most powerful political families. They were well-known for their ability to generate political favor. The men became powerful political tools and the women cultivated their husbands to be powerful political tools. This tradition had lasted for several hundred years until Cynthia’s father was implicated in a massive anti-trust suit.

The suit bankrupted the family and forced Cynthia to do what no other Landry had done in centuries: hard work. She put herself through college, earning a degree in Business Management. She’s currently employed for a notable PR firm as a market strategist, and is working toward her masters in Political History.┬áThe decade of hard work had mellowed her rough, right-leaning, golden-cast-silver-spoon lifeview. She’s not without her WASP moments, but more than not, when her friendship is won, it’s rock-solid.

Cynthia has a pet ferret named, Lil’ Man, a pudgy black-eyed albino (Dark-eyed White). She likes to experiment with clothing. And though she hangs out with Josh, they differ on vast areas of personal and political views.

Trivia: Cynthia’s ferret, Lil’ Man, is a homage to one of the writer’s two ferrets, Lil’ Guy. His other ferret, Kiki, was a homage to the ferret in Sluggy Freelance, which was the first webcomic the writer ever read.