“Belly, you’re a school-born mage in the Serious School, one of the most prestigious Schools in the history of magic! Your very presence represents the culmination of ten thousand years of legacy and tradition. So stop summoning magical kittens!”

Like many mages, Belisarius left New London looking for employment. However, BJ– as she prefers to be called– is much stronger than the typical immigrant mage. Her abilities and station within her School presented responsibilities she couldn’t handle. So she left.

BJ’s a cheerful, bonny girl who loves kittens. Magical kittens. If summoning magical cats hadn’t been made illegal specifically due to a certain incident when she was ten, she’d have one now. Or fifty-one.

Currently, she leaves in New York City with her roommate, Josh, over in Brooklyn. She was fired from her last job after an accident with a copy machine and a misfired spell. She’s been looking for a job about three months now. She’s also single, but she asked me not to– Oh. Oops.