Welcome, one and all. Probably one, two if you count Lucy. Three for her boyfriend. This project won’t officially begin until August, but I’m writing this post as I set up the blog and configure our bidness.

BJ Serious is a comic about a mage living in the mundane world because she couldn’t find a job in her magical homeland, New London; a common problem due to over-crowding. As we get to known our lovable protagonist, some things will happen. I hope you enjoy those things.

My name is Steven, I provide the wordstuff for BJS. This project grew together out of two failed things. One which involved drinking, while the other involved a different kind of drinking. Giving this comic life is a lass named Loukia. Greek girl, she says, hailing from London, she does, responds to Lucy, she will. After a month of searching, I found her doodling away on deviantArt (take a peek) and the rest will be history. You know, months from now.

UPDATE: Loukia moved away from London, ruining my lovely concise introduction of her. I turn my nose, lady! *turn*

If you’ve stumbled upon the Lore section, you’ll might be overwhelmed at the volume of it. Rest assured you don’t need to know any of that before diving into our fair comic. Unless you haven’t started from the beginning, but that’d be craziness. Personally speaking, I enjoy games containing extensive nuggetry of information that, while not important to the immediate game, adds considerable depth if one takes the time to read it all. This comic’s steamy Lore dump is simply my attempt to ensnare you in gloriously unimportant information.